3 Top Tips from a Fitness Pro

3 Top Tips from a Fitness Pro

There are many things you’re doing to work out, but many times you can be misinformed regarding the validity of suggestions given by friends and colleges. These tips from a fitness professional will help you with bottom-line takeaways for things you can start right now to get your fitness on-track and ramp up to achieve your fitness goals.


1. Weight training prior to cardio

“Among the primary items I wish people understood beforehand: Flip-flopping the order by which they do their own exercises. Therefore, if you are planning to perform weight training and cardio, do weight training to begin with to make the most of your muscle strain, then perform your cardio later when you are in that maximum fat burning zone,” the expert said. “Ordinarily weight training, you can via a complete body workout in about 30 to 40 minutes. And cardio, in case you are doing this in that sequence, it is possible to really find maximum calorie burn off by just about 20-25 minutes of cardio after your weight training.”


2. Foam Roll!

“The next thing that I think folks wish they would have understood is foam rolling. I call it my ‘stop, drop and roll.’ A good foam roller will be your own private massage in your home. What that does is divide the fascia that is about that muscle sheath, therefore it is helping in healing. Your tightness in your legs will disappear much, much faster.”


3. Weight reduction is 80% nourishment, 20% exercise

The next tip the expert recommends is for weight reduction, specifically: Weight reduction is 80 percent nourishment, 20 percent in the fitness center. Truly looking at weight reduction with that standpoint and getting a deal on their nourishment is essential.

Besides those Top 3 hints, the expert said it is extremely important to make time for recovery between workouts. Wait 24 to 36 hours involving high intensity, full-body workouts provide the body time to heal.

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