5 Bad Lifting Habits to Drop

When you exercise, a lot of it has to do with technique, rather than just doing. By following proper technique, you can prevent injury and have a more effective workout in a shorter period of time to help you achieve your fitness goals. These five bad habits followed by many lifters can inhibit anyone from […]

5 Health & Fitness Myths

These five damaging diet myths are commonly believed – but they’re just that: myths. Believing them will damage your nourishment progress and render you more disappointed than ever. The myth-busting information that follows is everything you want to understand so that you create your health and fitness journey the success you deserve.   Myth #1: […]

3 Top Tips from a Fitness Pro

There are many things you’re doing to work out, but many times you can be misinformed regarding the validity of suggestions given by friends and colleges. These tips from a fitness professional will help you with bottom-line takeaways for things you can start right now to get your fitness on-track and ramp up to achieve […]

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